How long did it take you....

how long did it take you to discover your hair type? did it seem to change over time? my hair is in braids and i did the bc in july so i have been 6 months curly! im going to be taking out my braids over the holidays so i was just wondering because i really want to know my hair type so i can shop for the right products. and does anyone know of a good frizz fighter or a natural one you can make at home?
KCCC is extremely moisturizing and has fabulous frizz control. It's not a good idea to use it every day for some hair types (I get weighed down and overmoisturized if I use it daily) but it has natural ingredients and works really well for a lot of people of all curl types.

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Hi! For me, I knew my hair type immediately. I had no question in mind! My FAVORITE product to use is Long Aid gel. I hate calling it a gel cause IT DOES NOT WORK like a gel. It doesn't dry hard or crispy and is insanely moisturizing for me. And its super cheap and you dont have to order it online cause you can get it from Walgreens or walmart etc.

hope this helps!

Thanks so much for the replies it has help me alot! I will be sure to try both products.
I kept trying to define my curl type and it's next to impossible. I asked at a curly hair salon in Toronto and all she could tell me is that be satisfied with the knowledge that my hair is curly and that's that. Makes it kinda hard for find products though. The stuff that works for the 3b/c curls underneath and on my hairline don't work so good for the 2c/3a ones on top and vice versa. I wish my curls were more uniform. It would make things so much easier.
My hair is ever-changing. I say it's 2c-ish, but truth is, right now it's probably more like a 3a. It depends on the day, products, phases of the moon and luck of the draw. I've been curly for about 10 months now and am still finding it hard to define.

That being said, I think it might be a bit easier for people with a tighter curl pattern to define their curls. I don't know from experience, though. I am a big fan of KCCC, but also like mousse right now. I understand KCCC is great for just about every hair type, but the mousse may not work for you as you probably have a tighter curl pattern than me.

If you have coarse hair, I would probably recommend really moisturizing products, but that's about all I can help you with. Sorry!

Since going with more natural products in August, I've gotten a lot more consistent results with my hair. I think there are many others of all types who would agree. You can look in my signature for examples of those products. Adding the soap bars to my regime, after six months nopoo, tightened my curls and added volume. My hair has stabilized at this level for almost four months.
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Yeah my hair has more than one type of curl on it as well. Thanks for the help and products.

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I pretty much knew my hair was 4a. I have some strands that are 3c, but most of it is 4a. It has changed a bit in texture over time, some places more s-waves and less coils, some places tighter. It clumps so much better than I thought it would when I started this journey. But it's still 4a.
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My curls seem to change all the time. I sometimes feel like a solid 3b but then my curls will loosen and I think I'm 3a. Tonight I'd swear I'm 3c because my curls are tightly coiled.
Yeah I was reading one of the curly articles and hair texture changes every 7 years.
Yeah I was reading one of the curly articles and hair texture changes every 7 years.
Originally Posted by curly_me2
Wow! I didn't know that.....Interesting!
youtube (reginadwright)
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I knew what my hair should've been if I hadn't straightened so much. When I saw the pictures of 3As when I first got here, I knew that is what my hair is when treated well, but at the time I was hardly a 2B. It took about 3 months for my hair to fulfill its potential.
And I still have wavy pieces underneath, there's nothing I can do to fix those. Whatever, my hair has personality, that's all that matters.

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