Sigh....waiting on money

So I just got my bank statement and have spent more money in the past month on hair products than I usually do in 3-4 months....and I'm broke.

Unfortunately, I have probably $40 of non-CG products under my sink. Until the money comes in I'm stuck using the bad stuff.

Sigh...and just when I was getting good results.

Hi Sarahgrace,
Pantene Ice Shine mousse is GC.
I was using Joiwhip which is $15.00 a can and was getting tired of paying so much.
Pantene is between $3.00 and $5.00 a can. Sometimes I mix it with VO5 champagne kiss conditioner which turns it into a hold cream.
I sound like a broken record cause I have posted a couple times about my new find!
And if friends or family ask what I want for xmas? I always put hair products down that I want or need.

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