Hard Hat/Bonnet Dryers

Has anyone ever used one of these?


I am thinking about trying one but I'm unsure. Do you think it'll work?
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I've used the soft bonnet dryer before. I won't buy a hard bonnet dryer simply because I can't sit still long enough for it to be worth my while. At least with the soft bonnet, you have a tube that allows you to move around slightly.

Anyway...I like it okay. It dries my hair more uniformly. I don't use it often, however, simply because it's more time consuming than diffusing.

i have one. it is more time consuming & not convenient 4 everyday use. it also takes up alot of room when set up. i use mine 4 applying heat 4 deep cond. treatments.
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I use a different brand of Ionic hard bonnet dryer. You do have to find room for it, and, mobility while drying is limited (to your seat--LOL!) But, it's the only instrument that helps me deep condition my hair, so for me it's worth it. Do you know someone that already has one? Maybe you can borrow their dryer. Or try the soft bonnet first.
Not a fan of the hard dryer, except at the salon, and even then it's a bit iffy (got burns from the metal clips once). Soft dryers are great but you still need to connect them to a hair dryer, plus, they can really flatten the hair on the top of your head, even with clips.
My summary is Awesome for deep conditioning, Bad for everyday styling.
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I got the ION brand hard hat dryer for Christmas. I absolutely love this thing! I wanted it because my arms ached from having to diffuse for so long to get my hair dry, and air-drying takes about 3+ hours --which is very inconvenient. It folds down nicely for somewhat compact storage, and it's a cinch to set it up. I just grab a book, turn it on, make sure the heat setting is where I want it, and then sit there for 30 minutes or so (for sopping wet hair). My 3a hair is shoulder length and medium textured. It really is a huge time-saver.
I have the Gold N Hot 1200 from Sally's. It isn't overly big.... the base measures about 15" x 15". I use it only for my wkly DTs. I've had it for yrs.
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I have one. It's not perfect for everyday use, but when you have the patience to sit still for about an hour, it works great! It's also really good for DT's.
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Has anyone ever used one of these?


I am thinking about trying one but I'm unsure. Do you think it'll work?
Originally Posted by Residual

i absolutely love mine... it is a Babyliss. it has wheels and i keep it in the closet until i need it. i wash every four days and i dont think i could live without it. i use it to set my curls and then finish with the deva hand dryer. the bonnet dryer dries my top layers in about 15 mins and the deva hand dries the underneath in about another 15 mins. works like a charm.
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Deva NoPoo/Deva OneCondition
and Herbal Essence Drama Clean Shampoo/Hello Hydration Conditioner
always use:
KMS Hair Stay Gel
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wash hair every 3rd night
apply products by scrunching and raking
diffuse until 100% dry

i hate 1st day hair!
my hair likes humidity and protein.

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