Modified CG method for straightening???

Im considered a "modified CG" b/c I loke to get my hair straightened every now and then. I try to stay CG when I do it (no cones) and keep it as healthy as possible by not putting heat in it everyday and wrapping it at night.

BUT when i get it professionally done all of that goes out the door. I dont want to impose on the stylist but I also dont want my hair to be super damaged. Any suggestions on healthy straightening or what CG products to bring to my stylist?
have you considered buying a straightener or blow dryer to blow it out? i know you said you didnt want to use too much heat, but this is the only thing i can think of.
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CG on 10/12/08. free of cones, sulfates, and shampoo! added shampoo bars 1/80/09.
shampoo bars (wind blossom)
condish - burts bees super shiny
styling - confused and running out of products. TRYING LOOB!
trying: tweek...barely.
WAITING to try: Melting Gel...resisting the urge to become a PJ...kind of...
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After I have straightened my hair I do a clarifying shampoo to get the cones out and then a deep treatment. Hair recovers ok. I don't straighten very often though.

Actually took my hair longer to recover from having honey put on it!!

ETA: Use a good straightening iron. I prefer to use cones that offer heat protection rather than staying cone-free.

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I agree with feralcurls, I use cones when I straighten and just make sure I sulphate poo when I wash it again. If I try to go cone-free when I straighten it just doesn't look right. Only do mine occasionally though.
3b in South Australia.

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