Damaged, BLEACHED blonde hair...with some curls ;)

Last june I did henna on my natural dirty blonde hair with platinum highlights. It was way too intense and I started dying my hair with ashy medium-dark brown permanent hair dye twice every month for about 6-7 months. It covered up nicely and I had great color, my hair wasn't really damaged either.

Well a week ago I had color correction done and it took 7 hours to get platinum-golden locks. 1 bleaching, then colour, then toner, then more color... and then it goes on like that.

Well now, it's not that damaged, but it feels semi-soft, looks like straw and I'm scared to do any natural deep treatments because I don't want my color to wash out. So how have you curlies coped with bleached hair?

p.s. I'll keep bleaching it because I'm in for the color, I just want it to look healthy and not break off with minimal 'cones.

Any help or suggestions or personal stories will really help out, thanks in advance!
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Sounds like you need a good moisturizing conditioner with some protein for a DT (deep therapy).
Since you went lighter you shouldnt have too much of a problem with fading. Avoiding shampoo should help with this also. From my own experience with being blonde the real problems start when you want to go darker again. Damage control from bleaching can be difficult for blonde curlies. I know it was for me but I didnt use the natural/better products like I do now.

I do agree to add protein dt. I always do frequent dt 2-3 times a week after coloring until I get my hair back into condition. Natural products I think are a great way to go. If not natural at least silicone free so the benefits of the dt can absorb into the hair.

When I dont have time to do a long dt I just put a small dime size amount in my hair before bed and rinse it out in the morning. I also use a heavier leave in like KBB milk for a week or so.
Thank you for the replies but my hair reacts badly to protein, and I really think I need more moisture.

I'm currently using a deep treatment that she sold me, it's CG and works alright I guess. I'll just baby my hair.

But if anyone else has personal bleaching stories, they will be much appreciated.
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natural DTs are amazing


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