V05s and protein

I had pretty good results cowashing with the Vanilla Mint Tea clarifying conditioner, but my hair started to get sick of it by the end of the bottle, so when I went out and got more, I decided to buy a different scent/formula. I know the Extra Body one, in addition to being TOTALLY unnecessary for my REALLY thick hair, has collagen in it, and I had a NASTY protein reaction from it last time I tried to use it, which continued to get worse since I couldn't figure out that it had done it at first.

So I was going to get the Kiwi-lime, but that has "hydrolyzed collagen" in it - and I know my hair HATES collagen with a passion. The moisture milks also had protein. I bought the Free-Me-Fresia, and it smells nice and I had great results today. Unfortunately, I read the label and I guess I missed that it had hydrolyzed keratin in it. My hair didn't react badly but I don't know if it will later or not - I have no idea what proteins I can and can't handle because after the collagen experience I've been afraid of repeats.

This might turn out to be fine, but if it isn't, is there another V05 that DOESN'T have protein?

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The chamomile tea one also doesn't contain protein.
I'm protein sensitive also but find that my hair can handle keratin protein in small amounts every once in a while.
3b/c fine, thick, porous, protein sensitive
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Experimenting with BRHG

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I can do keratin sometimes too.

Some people can do some proteins and not others. Sadly, the only way to know is to test them out.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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The raspberry one is also free of protein if that one doesn't work out for you.
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