L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss on clearance at Target

Attention Target Shoppers! The Loreal Vive Pro conditioners (both types in the pink bottle) are on clearance at my Target for $2.96 for a 13 ounce bottle.

After reading all of the rave reviews here I decided I wanted to try the Loreal Vive Pro conditioner. I saw it for $5 at CVS and didn't want to pay that much for a drugstore conditioner (that I didn't really need). I was at Target yesterday and noticed that they all had the red clearance tag on them. So, the good news is that they are cheap now (and will probably go down more if they don't sell out) but the bad news is that this probably means Target won't be carrying it any more.

I had to stop myself from buying more than 2 bottles (since I hadn't even tried it yet). It detangled really well, but my hair feels a bit "fluffy". However, I am not sure if it was the condition wash that I did first that made it fluffy. I also used it on my dd's hair and really loved how it looked (and the fact that I could get through her tangles).
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I noticed the sale too, but unfortunately, all the conditioners were already gone.

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