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If I recall correctly, Ouidad products have a decent amount of protein. Since you've bleached, you likely increased the porosity on your ends. They'll likely need more protein and more moisture than your unbleached hair. It may be that you're a bit protein overloaded, but that's not necessarily because your hair hates protein. It could be you just need more moisture too, to balance the increased protein you're giving your hair, or that you need to rotate between protein and moisture products.
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Ouidad - I tried their products and liked them for the first couple washes, but by the end of the bottle, it was frizzy and dry. I had my hair bleached on the ends (ombre) at the same time. After reading this thread, I'm wondering, does Ouidad have a lot of protein? Does this mean I have too much now? I know I need moisture from the bleaching. But, should I also expect that maybe my hair doesn't like the protein either?
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Most of the Ouidad products have 'cones.
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