The awesome fake side swept bangs

I have created some fake side swept bangs (or can i even call it that lol) basically i take a slightly large section of my hair in the front on the side then i put curl defining product on it to eliminate frizz then i take my wide tooth comb while my hair is still a bit wet then comb it over to the side. then with a bobby pin or a clip i loosely pin it a bit to the side(but you dont have to pin or clip if you dont want to.) eh my friend says its more like a swoop than side swept bangs but it slightly looks the same. (but hey after all i did say it was fake side swept bangs! no way am i cutting my hair to get the bangs it would frizz and poof up to much.)Has anybody else tried to create an artificial style vs. the real thing?
Check out this thread:
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