Reformed straightening addict in UK needs product advice


I've just stumbled across the site after finally realising that my 32 year fight against the curly can only end in split ends! I'm now attempting to embrace the curl rather than straighten it into submission, but I have a couple of things I need help with;

I have been trying the no-poo method, and using rich conditioners for dry hair but my hair seems to loose curl and definition the softer it gets, is that normal? are there any good UK products to use to 'activate' your curls? How the hell do I tell if it's it's silicone free?

Also my hair is coloured too, do i use conditioner for dry, curly or coloured hair? what comes first!!!????

I've looked up some of the products others are using and they can't be shipped to the UK, what do I use?!!!

I need help from any who have been appreciating their curls for a while cos I'm just learning to love (and look after) mine!!!
Well, losing curl and definition while getting softer is probably a sign that you're over-conditioning and maybe need either to co-wash less often or use not-such-a-rich conditioner for your co-wash.

Here's a link to a list that was started to collect some UK CG products together. So all of those are silicone free, or only contain water-soluble silicones.

I'm sure there is a more recent list, but I don't have much time now and I can't seem to find it at the moment. Try doing a Google search (button on the top right of the pages) for UK products.

Here's a few NC pages on silicones:

Once again, there is a great website that lists all of the silicones, but for the life of me, I cannot remember it now. Someone else will be by soon to help out, I'm sure!
Hair: LOTS of fine hair, mainly variations of 2 (FIA), now cut into a just-above-the-shoulder layered bob.

Products: MOP C-System Curl Enhancing shampoo
Original Source conditioners for co-washing and conditioning
MOP C-System Curl Defining Cream
Boots clear gel and/or Joico Joiwhip
Joico Curl Activator on the second day.

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