Well, I'll never say I wasn't proud of my curls. Some people say curls make them unique (and they'd be right) but for me, I'm one in 1000 at my school. But I really did find it frustrating that my hair was really dry and couldn't find a balance for moisture.

I tried Suave after hearing good things about it, but it always made my hair look greasy. But when I finally got around to trying V05, it worked wonders. I can use copious amounts and my hair will never get greasy, just clean. And it's only $1. I can take a 5 minute shower in the locker room and just towel dry, and my hair still looks good.

Sorry for the stream of words without organization, but after all this time of dissapointment with co-washing, it feels good.
Naturally Curly/Wavy Korean Guy

Its always special when you find what works for you.
I'm starting to love my hair

WARNING: I come with spelling errors.

Loving the IceQueen Method

The biggest fight that we will never win, is the one with out hair.

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