I use shampoo to clean my hair

rosabearr, I would ask that you modify your tone. Your rudeness is unwelcome here. We'd really like to help you learn to love your hair, but it'd be great if you would be a bit more gracious about all the help the members are offering you. Please also don't use foul language here.

Thank you!
Originally Posted by Gretchen

I would to ask you how you have not type out a specialise message this poster since this person insult me personally this called fighting started in your PRIVACY TERMS OF CONDITON

I think we might have a communication issue. Is English your first language? I think we are all getting a bit frustrated. We here on the boards forget sometimes that we have developed a different language; a hair language!

Rosabearr, you need to start at the beginning of this board. Go to the "We'd like to Meet You" and "General Discussion" forum and read some of the stickys there. It will clue you in to a lot of what we're talking about.

Most of us here believe that shampoo should at least be limited because sulfates are detergents and they dry the hair out.

We all would like to help you, but you need to look around this site some more so that we can communicate better with you.

Originally Posted by rosabearr
Wow. Just wow. Everything you just quoted in that chunk was very nice to you. Verbal abuse? Calling anything but what you have said in this thread anything close to verbal abuse is very offensive to anyone who's actually dealt with verbal/emotional abuse. And I am puzzled by your saying that there was a "fight" going on in this thread - all I saw was offers of help and you getting inflamed, rude and profane for no good reason.

...It's a siggie.
I think this thread needs to be removed. It going no where now.
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There's nothing funny or amusing about this thread. It's actually somewhat disturbing.

rosabbear, you've gotten a lot of good advice here. There's a lot of good information on the boards beyond this thread. Spend some time reading some of the topics here and utilize the search function, for particular questions that might have been answered already.

The thread has gone as far as it can go.

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