International sites with reasonable shipping rates!!!

Hi Everybody,

At first, I hope this post does not violate the main rules of this site.
I am a really fan of this site and Ive learned many good things here, inspite of acting much more as a voyeur than as a member...

The fact is that I live in South America and things here are really different... we don't have access to all this diversity of products... unfortunatelly, here, silicone is recommended as a "cure"... when we know that, in many cases, it can be a "poison"...

So, I've been trying to find sites that have good hair products with reasonable international shipping rates.
If you know some sites that could help me, I would appreciate sooooooo much!!!

Any specific products you're looking for?

I love Most reasonable shipping I've seen.
I like for Aubrey Organics

Other sites that I like:

I also use ebay sometimes.

I'm still searching for sites that sell Curls by Sister Smith and Curl Junkie products.
medium/coarse and porous

wash: KC Come Clean, Flower Peddler Northern Lights soap bar
conditioner: YTT, YTC, KCKT, Shescentit GT&H, Shescentit Avocado, DB Pumpkin Seed, Garnier Ultra Doux, Mop Top daily conditioner
styler: KCCC, HEBE, homemade fsg, DM MCCG, AOMM
dt: banana and avocado mask, nexxus emergencee, Shescentit TT&GH, ayurvedic powders, SS RPT
butters: Jane Carter N&S, Afroveda Curly Custard, Afroveda Cocolatte, Shescentit Gillian, Shescentit Seyani
Hi sweetseven,

Thank you SO MUCH for answering!!! is FANTASTIC!!! The chance to have Aubrey Organics, Avalon Organics and Desert Essence products, paying 6 dollars for the shipping to Brazil is what I am looking for!

If you like to buy online (I think you do), I have two other great (and reliable) sites:
- (Joico, Lanza, Rusk, Terax, MOP, and others paying 4 dollars for Latin America shipping)
- - this one is a classic - free shipping all over the world.


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