Hi all,

I have thick, wavy (loose waves), coarse hair & I've been CG for about 2 weeks (before that I no-poo'd almost daily w/ Avalon Organics - the lavender one). My hair has been doing okay with Giovanni TTTT as a co-wash/leave-in & BRHG. I decided to try out thicker conditioners as leave-in since the Giovanni doesn't feel moisturizing enough for dry winter air...

I tried Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta condish as a leave in and my hair doesn't seem to like it - I can't tell if it's because of overconditioning or protein sensitivity. The ingredients include an amino acid complex - that counts as protein, right? I've used it 3x on consecutive days - I left a very small amount.

What happened was that my hair lost its shine. I have less frizz but my hair feels hard with no shine .

Help Thanks!