hi everyone! okay, so today i used a sulfate shampoo to wash my hair because i had been using cones lately. so after that i followed up with a suave conditioner. and then i just grabbed the nearest shine serum (because i watched this one video on youtube and it looked great in the girls hair so i wanted to try it blahblah) and put it in my hair. once my hair dried, i had great curl definition. i dont usually care about curl definition, but i didnt realize how much it can make your hair look better. so now, im torn between what caused my hair to look like this: the shine serum (which i now see contains 3 cones) or the suave conditioner.

help !
supposedly 2c/3a.
very thick,almost waistlength hair when straight, but around midback length when curly.
just a girl trying to figure her hair out /: lol.

turned CG- 2/17/09
wish me luck

2/27/09- taking a break from CG ... doing mod CG for a little to see the effects on my hair, so that i can compare and expiriment and see what my hair likes and doesnt like

i havent found a good routine yet or any HG products.