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Laumac, you look like a 3a to me. But I think you may find that knowing that isn't going to help you much with your CG routine.

It's fun to know -- we all like to have labels for who and what we are -- but ultimately, you would be better served by learning about your hair's texture rather than its curl pattern. Check out these blog posts by our resident hair professional:

And then, take a look at the thread about all these topics at:

And for all other questions, this thread is terrific:

Good luck! (And don't worry if you get overwhelmed. Most of us are. )
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I agree with jillipoo, you look 3a to me too, but hair type isn't as important as what your hair likes. Here's a few more links that could help. this is a detailed guide on going CG and really helps in the beginning. on the left hand side of this blog is a pretty long list of CG products all in one place. helped me TONS when I first went CG and has some great home recipes too.
Good luck and we are all here to help.
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