View Poll Results: Which would you prefer, frizz-free curls that are kind of flat, or great volume with a little halo o
Frizz-free and flat 14 24.14%
Great Volume with some frizz 44 75.86%
Voters: 58. You may not vote on this poll

frizz-free OR voluminous?

Thanks Lush.
I guess the Gluten things can take some time to heal from. I have had problems for many years, so it will probably be a while to feel better.

Volume with a little frizz for sure.
With Volumax Gel I can get the volume with darn little (maybe no) frizz. Love the stuff.
Originally Posted by plink
what's Volumax gel? Who is it by? TIA
Originally Posted by curlie3
you can get it at sallys . i love volumax too--it is one of my interchangeable gels along w angell and B&A etc. i don't mind frizz as long as i have curls too and not just an east west cotton candy look...(see my insane hair photos for an example of the above
Susan suburban NY
3b going gray, not thick, waist length when wet, a bit below shoulders when dry
CG since 11/11/04
PW: banjo
HG: suave and honey for co-wash, deva, i use garnier fructis regular CO's or boots pink or white as leave ins and LA looks sport gel. plop w microfiber turban, then curl towel scrunch, then another turban.i sleep with the turban on. little one minute hair styling videos
I voted for the volume. I can't stand having my hair plastered to my head. I love it all wild and with lots and lots of curls everywhere!
I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.

Used to be CG, now I'm not. Using Suave Aloe & Waterlily shampoo & condish, JoiWhip, BRHG, Suave Aloe gel, Aussie Tizz No Frizz, and anything else that looks good!
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I voted volume with a bit o frizz also. For those of you with tons of hair, can you transplant a bit my way? I'll take any color BTW - one of my co-workers just came in (while I was sneaking here and posting) and said how nice my hair looked today. Nice and bouncy. Talk about timing!
3a/3b thin, just to the shoulders Modified CG 3/06; still working on a routine de jour
Definitely volume! Fighting flat-head is one of my biggest challenges. I really don't mind a bit of frizz, as long as my hair isn't a totally undefined poofball.
If given the choice? I have to go with the volume and frizz. I've had both, and I look dumb with perfectly defined, flat curls. It makes my head look fat. LOL!
Corkicelli Now! YAY! Now all I have to do is update my avy pic.

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I voted great volume with some frizz. I can't stand having flat hair myself.
Originally Posted by lushaholic
CG-modified since 4/05
2b/3a and 3b on occasion!
Products: The hair aisle in my own cabinets.
Best definition winner: KCCC
Best volume winner: LOOB
I go for nice full curls without frizz, if possible, so the best of both worlds. For me, I can achieve this if I do not touch my hair while drying and I diffuse on cool for a few minutes at a time or sit under my hooded dryer set to cool. Hot air will give me frizz and so will completely air drying.
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