I know this is quite subjective, but I'm wondering which products have the least scent. I had an issue at work where I was told my hair product was affecting my supervisor's sinuses (not a good thing!). I can appreciate it since I am scent sensitive w/alleriges myself. I've been using KCCC and had recently added the AOMM and Giovanni DLI so it was one of the last two that was the problem. Anyhow, I'm wondering how the Donna Marie, Curl Junkie and Komaza products are in the scent department. I've ordered some Jessicurl unscented trial sizes, but am concerned a bit about the mag sulf.
I've never used any of the products you asked about, but Avalon Organics has a fragrance-free Olive & Grapeseed Oil conditioner that is truly unscented.
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The Avalon Olive & Grape Seed sounds good. I'll definitely check that out. Thank you!
The Avalon Olive & Grape Seed sounds good. I'll definitely check that out. Thank you!
Originally Posted by camper
Camper. What's your hair type?

I was just wondering if I should switch over to the Avalon Olive & Grape Seed Conditioner.

I'm a 3C-4A hair type and I'm currently using Mill Creek Organics Jojoba Conditioner. My hair absolutely loves it, but it has parabens in it. I don't put it on my scalp, and I've never had a problem with it, but I'd like to try something more natural and the Avalon sounds good.

If you try it, could you let us know how it works for you?


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The Avalon Olive & Grape Seed sounds good. I'll definitely check that out. Thank you!
Originally Posted by camper
I love this conditioner! In fact it's probably the 1st conditioner I have used within a 2 month time period. I have so many of them they last me forever. I just realized today I have almost used this all up!

To me DM products have strong scents. Curl Junkie does too but it fades in my hair while the DM scents do not. In my opinion of course.
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My hair type is 3A. I did try the Avalon Olive & Grape Seed and I think I'm going to like it. I need to use it some more before I can say for sure. I've ordered samples from Kathymack so I can try some other things and check out the scents. The Jessicurl didn't work for me, too much frizz. Too bad because it's available unscented.

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