Other people who hate their hair flat-ironed?

I sometimes get my hair flat-ironed if I'm coming out of a salon (not anymore, since I found a DevaCurl salon in San Francisco--yay!), but I often find that after about 30 minutes or so, the novelty wears out and my hair just looks...well, boring. When I first got my hair flat-ironed, I was excited, but that quickly dissipated. I missed my bounce, and the fact that at least once a day, someone compliments me on my unique tresses. I usually just feel like another straight-haired chick and kinda limp and straggly. I also get flyaways eventually, no matter what they put in.

Long live the curls!
Definitely feel that way, especially now that my hairstylist cuts my hair specifically to wear curly (not Deva, but she is EXCELLENT.) The cut just doesn't look good straight!
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I feel the same way. Yesterday I straightened my hair (which is pretty rare) and I was so ready to wash it out the next day. I have a devacut, so it actually looks a little odd straightened out, and my curl cover up the fact that my ends are sooooo dry. After I flat ironed, my ends felt like cotton, it was awful.
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I was the type of girl who loooooved my hair when it was straight. after straightening it for so long and learning how to make it look good no matter how badly i treated my hair, i started thinking my hair was meant to be straight. but recently [right before i became cg] i took a step back and realized how UGLY my curly hair had become because of how i treated my hair. i decided to do something about it.
My curly hair is my signature, my one beauty. The 4-5 times I've straightened it, people didn't recognize me right away. And when they did, the general reaction was, "Oooh, it's so soft... but it looks much better curly!"
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I'm amazed by the length when straightened but the last time I came home and my husband said, "What happened to your curls?" He didn't like it and I didn't either. I wet my hair right away. It was straight for all of one hour. That was a year ago. I haven't straightened since then. It looks limp, thin, and blah.
My hair looks terrible straightened. It's poofy and dry. Yuck.
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My hair actually comes out really good when I flat ironed (past tense). It was never limp or life-less. It moved with the wind and everything! And it was nice being able to run my fingers thru my hair with out it getting stuck and yanking out hair! However, it was very damaging, so that is the main reason I stopped flat ironning (aside of the 2 hours it took me to get it done!).
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When I used to flat-iron my hair I hated spending all that time flat-ironing, then spending time trying to get it to curl...and then the curls would fall out anyway in a short period of time. Vicious cycle!

Now, I'm just plain curly and I love it !!!

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my hair flat irons really well and it only takes me about 10 minutes, and will stay straight through humidity suprisingly. but i like the bounce with curly hair and everyone likes my curly hair better. i feel better with it curly too, when i straighten it, i let it last two days and i can't wait to take a shower to have my curls back!
eh, not really. I like my curly hair, I like my straight hair.
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The one time I let a stylist flat iron my hair, it felt like dead spaghetti on my head.

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