Keep Getting Frizz When I Scrunch In Gel

I am having a problem and I can't figure out how to fix it! When I am applying my styling products, I apply them to soaking wet hair, upside down. After I am done with that, I use my mf towel and lightly scrunch out the excess water. Then I flip my hair upright and scrunch in gel (usually BRHG or HETT). I can see the halo frizz already starting on the crown. Then I clip and diffuse or air dry. I only get the frizz on the crown. How can I scrunch in the gel and not get the frizz from it? I am assuming that it is because the gel is sticky. Does anyone else have this issue? It's really driving me nuts! I have tried scrunching in the gel while my hair was still upside down and it didn't make a difference. Grrrrrrr!

I almost forgot, I have tried so many different towels and it didn't seem to matter. So, I know it's not the towels. I scrunch really slowly and carefully. Any suggestions?
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I'd try scrunching in the gel while your hair is still wet, like you do with the rest of the products. Then you can use your towel after that.
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Trying skipping the upside down thing; maybe its ruffling up your crown.
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You might try smoothing a tiny bit more gel over your crown after you scrunch. I've had this problem before, and this helped.
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I get that from either the MF(so I use an old Tee). Or if a gel is too thick and drags through my hair-if that's the case I add a touch of water to the gel in my hands before adding to my hair. Hope that helps.

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I posted similar question recently - I've been getting frizz while I'm still in the shower.

Look at these threads, I got some very helpful responses:

I've done all things imaginable to fix it: series of DT; clarifying 'poo; serious protein treatment.

Bottom line: frizz is still here, happy and in a full bloom.
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I read that scrunching can actually lead to frizz. Ever since reading that, I have changed my styling method. I emulsify the product onto my hands, fingers, and in between the spaces of my fingers, and I proceed to finger comb my hair. When I feel like I've evenly dispersed the product, I run a wide-toothed comb on my hair just to make sure it's been completely distributed. If you want the "scrunched" look, then, a better alternative would be to diffuse. According to many people on here, pixie curling is a fabulous diffusing method. You should try that out.
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