Help girls! Tell me what to get!

My sister gave me a gift card to Ulta! Yeee!
So, what should I get that is CG friendly?
Or if not hair stuff what else? Yeah right...not hair stuff...
Okay, what do I get?
i always get mop extreme moisture. its a really great dt.
Thanks! I have been looking around their site at some things. I do have an Ulta near my house but I have never been there.
I get my FOTE and BRHG at ULTA (woo! acronyms!!!).

I also love Urban Decay Primer Potion and all thing Bare Escentuals. Or maybe get some nail polish?

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Opi nail polish!
Originally Posted by WilePECoyote - The Nudist Poster
OPI hand lotion! It doesn't contain petroleum!

J.R. Watkins line (I love their lavender hand cream & lotion, which is also petroleum-free)
Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Moisture Infusing Conditioner

Oh, they carry Giovanni.

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Well, the eye doctor took a little longer than expected so I didn't make it to Ulta today. Good thing I didn't because I am appreciating the responses!
I have tomorrow off too. So after we deal with the roof repair estimate and shopping for a tiny piece of carpet at home depot we will head over to Ulta!!

I am to darn excited.

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