Cross Post -- Can I Dye Indivdual Curls?

I want to dye individual curls Aqua -- what do I do?

Any brand? Or how to bleach or seperate the curls?
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I wouldnt, unless you have certain hairs that reliably reclump and curl in unison.
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What color is your hair?
You will have to use bleach if your hair is dark so the color will show up.
You can do individual curls. Do your curls always fall in the same pattern? Your best bet is to let a stylist who works with curly hair do it.
I have bleached/dyed the two front sections of my hair and it was fine, but if you want the dyed curls to go elsewhere I would say to go to a stylist/colorist, or someone who has done the same thing with success.
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That sounds like it might be risky. I know there are a couple spots that predictably curl into their usual clumps...but I would not trust them to do it well enough consistently for highlights (by highlights I mean coloring them brightly like you plan).
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