Proud of myself and my hair progress!

Yesterday I was at a mall and my SO went in to a salon to get a haircut. I was checking out the products and the stylists were complimenting me on my curls.

At one point 4 stylists were gathered around and talking about not just my curls, but the cut and color. I was super happy because I do those things myself. My color is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. The base tone is strawberry blond with really bleached out streaks and then lowlights of maroon. The whole underside of my hair is maroon. I really like it!

I wish that I could find my camera cord so I could post a picture.

But yeah, I just wanted to brag. I'm so happy that I found this site. I've learned so much!

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Does it look better than your avatar? 'cause it ain't possible if so.
Aww, thank you!

I think it looks better. The back of my hair is finally curling up. And the color is crazy fun!

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post post post pictures please.
How wonderful to get such compliments! More so since you are your own stylist. I'd love to see more pics when you can.

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I'd love to see your progress! Post pics please!

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