View Poll Results: Do you spray Set It Free directly onto your hair, or spray into your hands and then apply?
Spray it on 1 8.33%
Spray into hands and apply 10 83.33%
Other (please explain) 1 8.33%
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set it free users - how do you apply?

when i first tried set it free (when it first came out) i sprayed it directly onto my hair and it left me with a producty gunky feel. i swapped it away (perhaps too hastily) and never tried it again until this week. i've now been spraying it into my hands and applying with my hands, and i must say i like it a lot better!

so for those of you who use SIF regularly, do you spray it directly onto your hair or spray into your hands and apply?
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I do a little bit of both, but now that you've said it makes a difference, I'm gonna try just spraying it on my hands and scrunching in.
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i spray it in my hands first because it's really creamy and i notice less frizz this way, plus i wind up using less which is a good thing since the bottle is so tiny & it's $15
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I spray it into my hands and then apply. It sometimes blasts onto one area when sprayed and leaves that area producty and doesn't hit any other area. I prefer to smooth it over my canopy so it's evenly distributed.
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I spray it into my hands first and smooth it all over. I can get better coverage that way and use less than if I just sprayed it directly on.
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I was spraying it directly on as I thought was what you were supposed to do, didn't like it much. Then, a couple of days ago I read a post where someone said they spray it into their hands so I tried that and it's so much better.
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Pixie, I did the exact same thing as you with SIF! First go around I sprayed it on and hated it. My hair was producty and gunky too. Then I wanted to try it again and the bottle Curlmart sent me had a broken spray bottle, so, I had to put it into my hands. What a difference! Now I love it on dry hair to tame the frizzies!

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