Who else loves the IceQueen Method?!!?

what is the icequeen method?
Originally Posted by marvelousmary22
Here is a thread that gives all the info on the IceQueen Method

I have med/coarse 3a/b curls with low porosity and normal elasticity. Thank you Live Curly Live Free!!

Basically CG since '06

Protein is my enemy

Mag. Sulfate gives me serious frizz


Add me to the list of fans of the "icequeen method"! I've been experimenting, and seeing how different my hair is when I do it and when I don't. I definitely get awesome clumping when I do it. Not as much when I don't.

I even experimented today with using a Denman for product distribution when my hair was soaking wet, but did every thing else the same. Again, great clumpage.

I think the key for me is that as long as my hair is soaking wet, if I comb it, or use the Denman, it's still wet enough that when I scrunch it, it clumps right back together. If too much water has been removed from my hair, I can't get it to clump as well, no matter what I do.

Hair Type - medium to fine texture, high porosity, lots of it, type 2b/3a

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