Wedding Hairstyle Ideas?!?!?

I am getting married in August and I need some ideas for how my hair is going to look... anyone have any ideas or pictures?!
I want it kinda natural looking and probably not completely up. Help!
<3 Steph (2B/3A)
Congratulations! My hair was being gross, frizzy and unmanageable one afternoon, so instead of making it behave, I just put it up. It's all the way up, but I figure posting pictures won't hurt.
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I have more pictures up!
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I was just married on March 21st and I did my hair kinda side-swept with a gardenia (which smelled amazing!).
Here are some pics... sorry for my funny faces but you get the idea Hope this helps!

your hair is gorgeous! i recently just cut my hair though (stupid mistake!) so it probably wouldnt look right swept to the side.. but ill try it! wish me luck
thank you!
<3 Steph (2B/3A)
Definitely wishing you luck! I had the hardest time trying to find pics of wedding hairstyles for natural curls... everything I found was your standard up-do w/ curling iron curls sealed in place by TONS of hairspray and looked so fake. Whatever you do I'm sure it'll be gorgeous. Congrats on your engagement!
btw, dani... in your 2nd pic... i do the same thing with my fingers haha i have a habit of messin with my ring lol
<3 Steph (2B/3A)
A few years ago my best friend got married. One of the other bridesmaids had curly hair (I was still wearing mine straight) and the style was gorgeous. I'm trying to get a pic of it for you
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I've found these sites helpful:



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