Usage question for homemade FSG

Ok, I'm going to be ordering some of BB's FSG this week as soon as I figure out what ingredients I should add, or if I need to add any. (i.e. aloe, glycerine, honey, oils, etc.)

But I'm wondering how most people who use it, are using it?
Should I put a thicker gel over top, or just use it alone?
I don't use any creams, puddings, or leave-ins. I've never had any luck with those. So I would probably put the FSG on first and then either nothing else, or a stronger gel on top. (BRHG, or HESMU?)

How much hold does the FSG have on its own?

My hair has been growing out for 6 months from being very short, (it's still pretty short), 3a, some 3/b at crown, fine, medium thickness. I like a product that can help with clumping, definition and lots of hold. Especially coming into the humid weather.

Those that layer on top of FSG, are most gels compatible?

Thanks for the help!
I can't speak for BB's exact formulation, but I've been making FSG and using it consistently for a few months now, and it definitely doesn't give me enough hold on its own. Adding honey and aloe vera gel helps, but I still need to layer a regular gel over it to get results that make it through the day. With that said, I love FSG for it's frizz-reducing and curl-clumping properties. Maybe you could try it a time or two on it's own, see how that works, and then add products accordingly? I find that it takes a few days of experimentation (at the very least) with ANY new product before I can decide if it works for my hair or not. (I cut my own hair)
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I find I get plenty of hold without anything else, so I would just try it on its own for a few days, see what the results are and then try something else on top if needed.
I use homemade FSG with added magsulfate, agave, and aloe vera gel. For the length of my hair I use about 2 ozs - 1 oz in the shower after rinsing out conditioner, then plopping for 10 minutes, then scrunching in another 1 oz so that it feels all slimy. Then I scrunch with a flour sack towel to remove extra drippies, then diffuse upside down for 5 - 10 minutes, clip, diffuse a bit more, then air dry and scrunch out the crunch. I can get 3rd - 5th day hair with just the FSG and pineappling at night. I usually don't even need to add any product in the morning, just shake and go! Best product ever for my hair.
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