Naturtint Color Blending: final update and question 4/1/09

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Hey.....a toothbrush! That's a good idea. I used an old paintbrush (clean, of course). I think the box should contain a cheap-o brush, but hopefully I'll remember to go to Sally's and get one before I do my next touch-up.

Thanks, everyone! This was the least disastrous home hair coloring I've ever done.
*How do you keep the rest of your hair out of the way when doing the initial root coloring? I tried twisting it, clipping it, and pinning it, and it always flopped over. (This is the hair at the very top of my head, between the four parted sections I made when doing the roots.)

I am coming in late to this thread, but I thought I'd share. I too am miserable at parting my hair. First I did the front around the bangs, where the grays are most visible, standing up. Then I bent over in the shower and applied the color to the rest of the roots as if I were no-pooing. I think I go pretty good coverage this way! Has anyone else done it this way?

I'm day 2 into the color and so far I am thrilled with it. It is so shiny and the color (5N) is so natural. It matches the box and my natural color, although why is is called "Light" Brown is a mystery to me. It is dark brown.
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 15,529
If I'm understanding you correctly, what I've found since making that post is that the weight of the color (dye) sort of keeps everything apart. And if the separated sections are long enough, I pull them toward the back of my head and use a tiny jaw clip to hold them.

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