ACV vs regular vinegar

I see a lot of people mentioning ACV rinses and I was just wondering, is there a specific reason for using apple cider vinegar instead of just the regular vinegar? Is there a major difference?

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If nothing else, I think it smells a little nicer for personal use than regular vinegar, but I've been tempted to try plain white distilled since I use it for cleaning and it's so much cheaper than ACV. I don't think I'd go with red or white wine vinegar! Balsamic often has sugar--that might be good for something!
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Personally, I find that red wine vinegar smells so much better than ACV--but then again I loooove red wine vinegar XD
I don't know about a difference, but I am curious!
I had looked up ACV back when I lurked these boards like 4 years ago, but most sites were about the more "hippie newagey" ways of using it--drinking it and such.
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I think it's OK to use whatever vinegar you have. ACV just smells a little less vinegary than white distilled vinegar. But if red wine or balsamic - whatever - is what you have, its acidity should serve the same purpose. That's why citric acid or ascorbic acid also work.

ETA: Some, Kathymack for one, think organic ACV is better because it still has the "mother". I've never tried it so I can't say.
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I have used all three (ACV, white and red), and the results were the same. As far as the smell, it just depends on your nose!
Ditto to everything Greatcurls said (although I've never tried red wine vinegar).

I personally prefer regular vinegar simply because it's cheaper.
I've been doing vinegar rinses for 30-some years. I've used cider, red wine, distilled white, rice and probably some others I've forgotten and they all seem to work the same.
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I've used the ACV with the mother and regular white and found that the white didn't leave as much of a vinegary scent.
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