Help with bangs

Loving my hair.....except the kinda sorta bangs. They are nose level and straight across right now.Not blended in with my sides. For those of you who have bobs, are you face framed? Right now I have to pin back a triangle in front, if you know what I mean. It's cute, but I'm 40 and not to sure about lookin cute.
All of you show me the back of your heads! I need fronts.
I have long bangs (not a bob) and they are blended. Probably not easy to tell from my signature picture, but I try to get them cut in a V, shorter at the side ends and longer as you go inward toward the middle/nose. Then the fun part - I wear a side part, sometimes deep, sometimes not. if you do this, you can also try to part it and pin it to the side, so it's not quite so cutesy. But then, I think "neat" is better than wild and messy, for work anyway, so if you can pull off that triangle then work it. Now that I think of it, you can also try pushing that triangle a little forward to create a little bit of lift at the front while you are growing out.
Hope that helps!
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I'm a 3a with bangs but I'm not sure my opinion counts, as I wear mine straight.

I suggest maybe having them taper off at the templs so the graduate into the rest of the sides?
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Don't know if this helps...I haven't had bangs in years...but I came across Shellynots blog again today and she shows a way to wear side bangs.
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