Straight Girl - CG is helping me too!

I have straight hair but I have been stalking to boards for my daughter. She is only 5 so I need to do her CG with her and I decided to just use the co-washing as well.

Well... I have seborrheic derm that can get out of hand in the winter and guess what, it is rapidly clearing up!

I have heard some people are SLS sensitive and this may be at the "root" of my problems! lol!
Sunni -
Reading for daughter's 2b/3a fii curly hair care. Mine is stick straight (wishing for curls).

We currently use KCKT, Curl Junkie LI & Curls in a Bottle

you should definitely check out the ocm thread too. (The Oil Cleansing Method) I have found that my skin has never been better (not that i thought it was bad before, it just is that much better!) I stopped using body wash and now only use a body scrub (KBB, its sugar and oil) and the dry patches I had on my arms have completely gone away (its been over a month and not a hint of dryness!!!!)

Anyhow, I suggest it for everyone. The more natural products have had such a great effect on my hair and body, I just can't imagine ever going back!

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)
pw: curls

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Yay!!! I tell my straight hair friends to go CG all the time but they never listen. My SO went CG with me even though he has straight hair and his hair is soooo soft and shiny. He swears he'll never use shampoo again and even tells his friends about it. My mom does a modified CG and she has straight hair and her hair hasn't looked this good in years. It's all about how you take car of your hair not just the curls.
High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

Yeah sulphates are not our friend. Good for you sunni it's wonderful that you're using the CG method

Discovered CG 2007

2C Fia BSL/Thick/Med-Coarse/Low(crown)-Normal Porosity Protein and Oil Sensitive

Link-Spritz & Condish Washing

I'm aCurlJunkieJunky

My hair LOVES Coconut DESPISES Soap Bars

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I think anybody with hair can beneift from CG.
Curls,Coils,Waves & WhatKnot
3miii/My HGs tame bulk&frizz/Give definition w/o crunch
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