For those who use Suave Naturals as leave ins..Methyl*zone preservatives

I altrrnate Suave naturals Coconut and Tigi MM as rinse outs. My hair loves them but ive noticed i get the itchies from the Suave at times. The Paraben preservatives are more notorious and tho my TigiMM contains them , ive experienced no irritation from them.
I did some looking on the preservatives in the Suave naturals conditioners and i was wondering if anyone else has experienced irritation from them. The following info says these preservatives or anti- microbials are now strictly only used in rinse-off products due to their high irritation factor.
So those girls who have used Suave naturals as a
leave in..any problems?
nope i have no problems and i couldnt see why you would be having a problem as most products with parabens only contain about .10% to .30% paraben additives, and they are used as an anti microbial. Now I use 4 different suave naturals, as my cowash, and my leave in.

Maybe your having an allergic reaction to the perfume. It could be anything. Unfortunately ifyour having the itchies I would give it up, as the more you scratch your leaving gouges in your head that have to heal. Thats why most of us recommend to us the pad of your fingers to cowash.

Like I was saying I would give up the suave unless you plan to rinse it out, and either stick with the Tigi MM, or find something new.

Hope this helps some.
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My scalp hates tons of stuff but as long as I don't use a sulfate shampoo then use suave conditioner I'm fine it seems.
I can sulfate and use other things but not the suave.
I've been using suave only, no shampoo lately, I use it for rinse out and leave in and my scalp is fine.
Odd huh? I"m afraid to use anything else now for fear my scalp will act up so I hope this is a good for summer too
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Thanks for the feedback girls Im going to cut the suave out for a while.
Last night was the first time I ever used Suave as a leave in. So far, I love the results and there is no irritation!
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I noticed that I can't really use the suave coconut as a co wash so much, just a rinse out or leave in(ends only). My hair loves it but it builds up on me and causes an itchy scalp. Then I of course have to acv rinse or low poo, etc.

So I basically have to use either a Vo5 or other Suave followed up with the coconut one.

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TIGI always gives me the itchies, bit V05 and Suave only do if I don't rinse them off my scalp well enough.
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