Is there a CG product that will give results like a 'cone?

I miss my silicone! It kept my hair from tangling! All day long I could run my hand through my hair and never have one tangle. I miss that! My hair is very coarse. I mean VERY coarse. And without my cones, it's always tangled. Is there any kind of....something that I can use that will give me results like that? I'm new to CG and I'm trying hard to give it a fair chance, I really am. Like right now, I just got out of the shower - I washed with Suave coconut, I rinsed with GVP CB, I used the CB as a leave in and I have a t-shirt on my head!! I'm trying! I really am! but, I miss my silicones. Are there any words of encouragement for me?

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This is my 2nd go around with CG. The first time I gave up after only 1 month or so. I've learned that there is SO much more to it than going silicone/sulfate free. It can get as complicated as you allow it . There's dew points, protein sensitivity, mag sulfate sensitivity,technique, plopping with different materials, etc. etc. Not to mention the slew of products.
Also, there is a transition period...up to 6+ weeks I think. Keep it up, it'll be worth it, but it will take a lot of tweaking and experimentation. You won't have fabulous hair each & every day. But it does get better. In the meantime, check out out the before/after CG thread. It is very inspirational.
Some people need cones. I know that's blasphemous to say on these boards. But I've met a few people who tried going cone-free and they had so much breakage that they had to go back to cones.
However, there's still hope.
There are silicones out there that are water soluble. The Peg # modified dimethicones and the dimethicone copolyols are water soluble...don't confuse them with regular dimethicone. You could still incorporate many CG methods and use these cones.
You will also likely get recommendations from people here that use CG products that provide the slip you're talking about. So, hopefully, they'll chime in.
Some people swear by Terax Crema (a rinse-out conditioner) that it is as good as a conditioner with cones.

I sometimes use a leave-in that has the peg # modified dimethicone in it. It's called Regis Olive Oil leave-in. Maybe you could use something like that under the CG products to give you some slip???

I have learned something from being here for 13 months (and lurking a few months before then)'s not an either-or thing. If some method doesn't work for you, you might just need to tweek it a little bit, rather than go back to a full cone diet...if that makes any sense. Hope that helps.
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

I've heard several people say that Nature's Gate Hemp condish gives them cone-like results. The shampoo has sulfates though.

When I was cone free I noticed more tangles, but then a while after going coney again I end up with brittle, dry frizzy hair that I clarify, but it still doesn't get better. I'm currently trying to go at least partially CG again.
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I wonder if you are protein-sensitive? my hair always feels coarser and more tangly when I've been using protein, smoother and less tangled when I avoid it.
Yeah keep playin with stuff and you will find the right combo to give you what you want. I try to avoid all cones but i dont always. I also shampoo with reg shampoo or elucence once a week if i use cones or not. I just feel the need to and my hair likes it as well

Do you need a trim? I know when i need one cause i get very tangled. And yeah make sure you arent sensitive to protien like TC said.
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