Aubrey Organics GPB love/hate relationship

My hair loves this stuff but boy I hate the smell. And it does linger a bit. It reminds of those pine tree air fresheners for cars!! BLECH!
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Hee. I actually like the smell. Growing up, we had a Christmas candle that smelled like the GPB (pine). Every time I use the conditioner, it's like a whiff from my childhood.
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I'm with you, xcptnl. When I first apply it, I don't mind the scent too much, but the fact that it NEVER goes away (well, almost never -- I smell it for hours afterward) is annoying. I mean, something has to smell REALLY good in order for me to enjoy it that long, you know?

I don't want to smell anything but my cologne for that long a period. Certainly not my hair products. AOHR is the same way -- potent and long-lasting. And I don't like the smell of that one even for a few seconds.

The stuff we have to put up with. Sheesh.
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