AO Mandarin Magic versus DC B Leave In

Just curious -- has anyone used both of these? Do you think that they are similar, and which do you think is better? I read some reviews of AOMM and is seems like it is a moisture gel that also gives people volume, and that people use it under a gel for hold. I'm currently using the B Leave In, but am wondering if it is worth it to purchase the AOMM to try.
I, personally, didn't find Deva B'Leave In anything special. The AOMM, on the other hand, is one of the best products you can buy at any price!
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I haven't used the AOMM (I haven't seen it anywhere!), but B'Leave in wasn't any good. I love a lot of the Deva products, but not that one.
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I've used both and AOMM is definitely better. The B'leave-in left me a little dry actually but I think it has protein in it and I'm sensitive. I'd go AOMM for sure. You can get samples of AOMM from kathymack if you want to try it before you buy a whole bottle.
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No not similar
Bleave in has protein
AOMM has none
I didn't really get volume from AOMM but it didn't take away too much either
AOMM feels much better on the hair
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