Do you scrunch or twirl?

I was wondering if you put gel in and scrunch or twirl your hair so it dries neater and more uniformly. I have been thinking of trying twirling with Angell or Arcangell.
Does this work or will it look unnatural?
I usually scrunch. Sometimes I twirl a few curls here and there to make them blend better. But I think if you do the whole head, you need to twirl in different directions or it looks too rag-curl set.

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I scrunch only when applying product to sopping wet hair, and then once more, gently, with my Curl Ease. Then its hands off.
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I can only scrunch in product when my hair is dripping wet or else my curls get too malformed and frizzy.
I have to scrunch. My stylist did finger twists for me once and they looked awesome for a while, and then some of my curls started rebelling and trying to curl the other way! It was pretty awkward looking and I think that was my hair trying to tell me to let it do its thing.

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