My Spring Break Shopping/Experimenting

So I am still fairly new to being a curly girl. I thought I was doing great, I was totally in love with my curls. Then they started to just droop and go away.... turns out the conditioner had a cone in it (one of the L'oreal ones) .. dang it.. (from reading the boards I am not alone in this mistake). Oh well, I washed it out with a sulfate shampoo and started new with a conditioner from whole foods. I got the one that is called triple treat, it has tea trea oil in it. I love tea trea oil for many reasons...

It is ok, but it doesn't make my hair slippery at all... it is hard to detangle. To get my hair halfway close to slippery I have to use a LOT of it, and it is expensive. I miss the slippery hair.SO.. I decided to experiment over spring break (no one will see it if it's bad...)

I had already ordered some KCCC online last week, and it should be here on tuesday.

Today I went to Sally's. I came home with: the gallon of Honey and Almond Conditioner (on SALE for like $7). And two of the GVP conditioners, the tea tree oil one and the conditioning balm.

I also own and have been using the suave natural coconut as a co wash, and the herbal escences gels...

My hair is between a 2 and a 3a for most of it, with the curls on the nape of my neck being beying even tighter....... I have had quite a bit of success with plopping, and had limited success with ice queen's method for clumping, but that was about the time I realized I had silicone build up in my hair, so I figure I should try again.

Any recomendations on what to use first? and in what order???

and some pics... The first two were take a few days ago, it had been really windy and was towards the end of my day (and in the car on my phone..) Frizz is an issue for me, and the santa annas make it worse... the third is a picture taken about a year ago, when I tried to be curly (before I ever knew about curly girl, or about not brushing it.... I find I have more curls now, than then..)

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What is this Honey Almond conditioner you speak of? I use tons of condish and would totally buy it in a gallon.

Well with what you have now I'd go with trying the conditioning balm first but it is my fave condish so I'm biased. If you want to try Icequeen again this would be the one to to it with. I do want to warn you that while this condish has amazing slip and detangles great, you must rotate it because you can become overconditioned pretty easily with it.

Also I suggest that you do a search on KCCC before you get it to see what curlies are pairing it with. I think there was a thread about it a few days ago...Here it is.
High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

I saw it listed on the board.. apparently some say it drops down to $5 on sale, but today it was 7...

I too have used the suave as a co wash and go through tons.. I figured I would just fill an empty suave bottle so I could have a smaller container in the shower.

Any way, here is the ingredient list and a pic

Salon Care @ Sally's

p.s. I had decided to use the balm today since many people love it. THE SLIP IS BACK!!! I can't wait to see what happens when my hair dries~~
TY for the pic and ingredients...I'll look when I'm there this week. Is it not thick enough for a rinse-out? I wish I didn't use so much condish as I would looove to go all natural but the natural conditioners do nothing for me unless I use tons and tons of it.
High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

I LOVED the smell of the almond and honey, it is wonderful, not as slippery as the balm, but I am thinking it might work as a rinse out, with just a water wash. While I was using it, it felt like it did more than the suave conditioner.

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