What products make your canopy look greasy?

I hate having a greasy looking canopy/scalp- especially when I know I just washed my hair and it's the product that looks bad, not my hair being greasy !!!!!!

Can you share what products you'd never put on your scalp area coz they make you look greasy?
Well, for me it's a matter of how much I use. Some products are easy to overdo and that can lead to problems. But if I find the right balance it can look great!
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Many pomades leave my hair looking the way you described. It's too bad, because I like the smell, but it's not worth it.
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Any product if I apply to my roots first. I have to add to the ends, then my bangs, and working it through the middle.
I had never thought of applying to my ends first- good idea.
I always apply ends first, everything makes my canopy look greasy if I'm not careful.
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I did my ends first and then my canopy and I'm not looking all greasy today!
How nice to find a simple solution (for once..............!)

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