Attention people who've tried sleeping with crunch

Alright well here are last night's results:

All crunch totally gone! That should tell you how much I move in my sleep haha. My pillow SOTC'ed for me. I wasn't even asleep for that long haha. About 7 hours.

A whole heck of a lot of curl got pulled out. I'm going to have to up the dose of gel the next time I try this. I think if I can get it so that I don't lose all the crunch it might be better. As it stands now, today is a pin it half up day
Originally Posted by Laura Lee
I used KCCC both nights I think-I know I did the night without the cap-maybe even mixed with a bit of BHRG. Now if I lived alone - I would use the silk cap but it even embarrassed me when I saw myself in it so I will not be wearing it around ANYONE else.
Originally Posted by xcptnl
I used CJ Curl Pudding last night with LA Looks gel on top and honey and aloe gel underneath. I know it would've looked really good if I'd SOTC'ed before bed.

I should say that even though the curls are all pulled out and I look like a 2b at most, they are soft and frizzless at least. I can work with it for an updo, which is better than rewetting.

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If I put a little something on my canopy before bed, I'll use one of those "headbands" that look like a big elastic ponytail holder to keep my hair off of my face. (It's what I use to keep my hair off my face for OCM.) It's not a pineapple because the hair isn't long enough. My hair is better then when I sleep on it. It might be a starting point for someone who can't wet and style in the morning.
Originally Posted by kathymack

I've tried this one. My hair stayed in the headband positioning so I had to rewet. Haha I'm just hopeless without my pineapple! What irony, I adore my short bob style more than any hairstyle I've ever tried, and now I'm stuck without 2 of my favorite techniques (plopping and pineappling)

Fine/thin 2c/3a, Low-Medium Porosity, Dry!
I love this technique - it works well for me, but I must go to sleep with DRY hair and use a gel with good hold, so its pretty crunchy. Most is gone after I gently pineapple and sleep on it.

On the second night, I just reaply gel, scrunched into dry hair. I let that dry to a crunch then go to bed.

The trick is, I think, to use products with more hold than you would normally use if you were going to wash and style in the morning.
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Need to try protein?

Aussie in working in Kazakhstan... Home is??

Update: Last night, I slept WITH the satin cap (opposite of LauraLee). I had only put in KCCC so my gel was not too strong of a hold, I guess, but I put a LOT in. This morning, the crunch was all out. The back of my head was a little weird but I had lots of soft curls except for on one side (which DH says is because I sleep on that side mostly). I applied some more things this morning because I had some frizz. It still looks pretty good, but the frizz seemed to worsen as the day went on.

Oompa - what kind of gel do you put on the 2nd night?

And do you guys have any ideas to get the frizz away asap?
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Ok, I did this last night with mixed results, all the crunch was gone. My left side looked o.k., lots of curls, but flat (this is the side I primarily sleep on) the right side, not so much...wonky hair, curl loss, frizzy. Fixed it by smoothing on water(a lot) and scrunching in some Fantasia gel, results were ok, but not the greatest. Think it might have something to do with the products I used, DMHJ and HEBE mousse, don't usually use mousse. Trying to come up with a routine that allows my hair to dry faster, takes at least 3-4 hours after plopping and diffusing 10 minutes. So will try again with other products tonight.
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