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Sapphire_Chic 04-06-2009 11:49 AM

cheapo low protein conditioner
Hi, have tried searching on boards and the web for this but havent quite found an answer. Does anyone know of a cheapo conditioner (hopefully one i can buy in the UK) that has no or very low protein, that i can mix with oils and honey to make a decent deep treatment. i think the problem is that is that i just dont know what they label protein as in ingredients because every time i find a condish i think fits the criterea it ends up making my hair dry (after hennaing) Thanks in advance :love2:

WurlyLox 04-06-2009 12:18 PM

If you have actual Matrix Biolage Hydrating Conditioning Balm in the UK, you might try checking around and see if you can find a knock-off version. That's what I always use after henna, and it's great - no proteins.

If Lustrasilk conditioners are available there, they're supposed to be great, too, although I'm not sure if it's totally protein-free. In the US, it seems to be available mostly at beauty supply stores, usually in their ethnic section. I just got some of the Shea/Mango/Cholesterol myself but haven't actually used it yet. A 20 oz. jar of it was only $2.49 at Sally's Beauty Supply here - a jar more than twice as large as the Boot's pink curl cream 250 ml. jar, if you're familiar with that.

kema1v 04-06-2009 01:30 PM

You can get some cheap protein free conditioners at Superdrug. I use their own brand coconut & sweet almond intensive conditioner and the Inecto coconut conditioner. There is a list on the Euro swap board somewhere that lists more CG conditioners but I don't think it mentions which ones are protein free.

This link tells you what ingredients are proteins.

Sapphire_Chic 04-06-2009 02:22 PM

aww thanks for the responses ladies. will check up those brands auntnett and will defo have a look in boots kema1v, actually i saw a boots brand conditioner that has henna i might check that out too :) and thanks a mil for the list, now i can do my own detective work lol

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