cheapo low protein conditioner

Hi, have tried searching on boards and the web for this but havent quite found an answer. Does anyone know of a cheapo conditioner (hopefully one i can buy in the UK) that has no or very low protein, that i can mix with oils and honey to make a decent deep treatment. i think the problem is that is that i just dont know what they label protein as in ingredients because every time i find a condish i think fits the criterea it ends up making my hair dry (after hennaing) Thanks in advance
If you have actual Matrix Biolage Hydrating Conditioning Balm in the UK, you might try checking around and see if you can find a knock-off version. That's what I always use after henna, and it's great - no proteins.

If Lustrasilk conditioners are available there, they're supposed to be great, too, although I'm not sure if it's totally protein-free. In the US, it seems to be available mostly at beauty supply stores, usually in their ethnic section. I just got some of the Shea/Mango/Cholesterol myself but haven't actually used it yet. A 20 oz. jar of it was only $2.49 at Sally's Beauty Supply here - a jar more than twice as large as the Boot's pink curl cream 250 ml. jar, if you're familiar with that.
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You can get some cheap protein free conditioners at Superdrug. I use their own brand coconut & sweet almond intensive conditioner and the Inecto coconut conditioner. There is a list on the Euro swap board somewhere that lists more CG conditioners but I don't think it mentions which ones are protein free.

This link tells you what ingredients are proteins.
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aww thanks for the responses ladies. will check up those brands auntnett and will defo have a look in boots kema1v, actually i saw a boots brand conditioner that has henna i might check that out too and thanks a mil for the list, now i can do my own detective work lol

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