Flax seed gel - does it play well with everything?

So I made my first batch of home made FSG last week, and have used it several times. I LOVE this stuff!! Each time I have used it, I have layered a bit of BRHG on top for hold with good results. My question is, because I have so many other products at home (and feel guilty if they sit collecting dust!) - is there anything that you have found that does NOT work well with FSG?

I know I should be happy I found something that works so well, but I can't seem to help myself from experimenting! So if anybody has any products that didn't play nice with FSG....please share!
Body Envy Gel on top of flax seed gel made me very strigy. I'm sure I'm the exception rather than the rule though. There's a healthy crowd of people who love HEBE

Other than that though, everything I've tried has been great


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Worked with everything for me too but my fave is BRHG. Haven't used FSG in a while though...
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I'm no help unfortuantely FSG hated my hair. It was impossible to SOTC. I have heard people say they got great results with KCCC+FSG.
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I used mine with Aussie's Sculpting gel. It worked really well in February when the temps and dew points were low. It started getting warmer in March and things weren't pretty. I haven't used it in about a month, but this thread has inspired me to try it again this weekend!
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Thanks for the responses ladies....time to experiment away! But not today, since I got 2nd day hair for the first time I think since the fall!

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