I love ck,but can anyone tell me

about the rest of frizz off's products? I have been to the web site, and read about the products. But does anyone have any hands on experience with the brand? good and bad? Especially the gel and tweek.
Their conditioners all have mineral oil in them! Tweek is good for afternoon or second day hair. The gel was good. I can not use CK because the plastics coat my hair follicles. There is nothing else like it; I miss it!
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I was allergic to CK, it did nothing for frizz and made my scalp burn. Made the mistake of using the Silk LI--has mineral oil in it. It made my hair a dry, tangled, frizzy mess--took a week to get it out and restore my hair.
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I love CK, the gel is also really good as they're both water reactivated. I do NOT like the condish, I have not seen anything good about tweek (no glide, and no real volumizing on my hair) but I do like the SLI. Slip doesn't really detangle well but the pure silk is nice every once in a blue moon. Just my 2 cents.
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Slip works well in very small quantities. Use two or three spritzes, then wait half a minute (really! 30 seconds), then comb through with fingers or a wide toothed comb.

Tweek is what I use the most. I'd prefer a CG hairspray in spray form, but haven't been able to find one. My hair is freakishly fine (I can barely see single hairs) and flyaway (if it gets unclumped), and Tweek gives me better root lift and some control.

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I love the gel, the CK and Tweek. I use the Silk Protein sometimes. I don't care for SLIP, the leave-in or day-to-day rinse out conditioner.
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