Del2C! I have questions about honey!

I've been reading this thread and now I really want to try it again!

I was doing it before but I think I used to much as I got really horrible crunchy, sticky hair, but the curls were good now I think of it.

What humidity/dew point do you think honey would work in? When I last tried it it was in the winter so I'm hoping to get better results this time. I'm actually going to wash my hair right now!
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Coconut Oil!
I started when the dew points were in the 30s. It helped me tremendously. Del likes to start when the dews are in the 50s.

I say you try it! Let us know your results!

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I've come to the conclusion that I can not use a Honey rinse until Dews are consistently high. The last time I tried it results were good, but next day was frizzy when dews dropped again.

The good news is that I can use it my rinse out with no issues at all when dews are as low as 40!!! It provides clumping, frizz control and definition just in my rinse out alone. LOVE IT! I've used a Honey Spray on 2nd day hair. The results are a little inconclusive.....Dews definitely have to be around 60 and I need a gel too or some kind of pomade on top. It does help with hold, similar to Hair Spray. I mixed up a small blob (very scientific huh?) in a 2oz spray bottle with my Lavender Mist. I would guess maybe 1/8 t????
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Hi, curly girls!!! I found quite interesting the hints on the honey. I am going to read more on the subject to test this hint. I love honey!
In your honey ventures have you found that honey is a problem in HIGH dews? I live in GA and we are already having dews in the 60s.


This is my first CG summer. I've LOVED honey for the last few months (it's the only thing that will clump my hair) but am worried about it being too much humectant soon. What's your experience-- or do you never get those nasty dews in the 70s and higher up there?
We get EVERYTHING in New England!

It depends how porous your hair .... Tiffany's book says that porous hair will drink water from the atmosphere until the hair is swollen in high moisture areas.

This gets really tricky because so many of our products contain humectants. I'm med to high and honestly never had any issues last Summer (knock on wood) Granted I wasn't paying attention to Dews last Summer either. However, it seemed the hotter/wetter it was the better the honey worked for me! As I said earlier, in order to get the effect I want from the Honey rinse the dews need to be even higher then 50. I say keep going, maybe use a LI if it's especially wet out or a pomade. You could also cut back the amt. you use accordingly. HTH!
I tried it in my rinse out once and it felt really soft when I got out of the shower. But then I tried a new product that didn't work well for me on top of it and I lost the effect if there was going to be one. So, I think I'll give it another try tonight without any other product on top and see how it goes. I was really surprised at how well it mixed in with my conditioner. I had images in my head of it being just an awful sticky mess but it wasn't at all. I only put a little drop of it in tho. Maybe I'll try a little more tonight.
I was reading Tiffany's book earlier today myself! I will learn of what she speaks about humectants and dews through practical application this summer I am sure! I have pretty high porosity and med/coarse hair. I don't know if I even know what swollen hair is- and I hope I never have to learn! I would love to just get better and better results with honey as the dews increase!
Ok. I have been experimenting with honey for the last month and a half or so?? For the last week and a half, I have added a 1/4t of epsom salt to my honey rinse. The first time, I had the bestest hair ever. It was super curly, making all my hair like 3c/3b instead of 3b/3a!!!

Then the next few times wasn't so nice. I had more frizz than that first day. Of course, I dont' mind my frizz anymore, so it isn't a deal breaker for me. So I am still testing.

I did NOT like the honey by itself. I'm sad to say.

I have a question though:

what is a honey dewpoint max? At what dewpoint do I need to shelve my honeybear?? I am currently in the upper 50s, but i wanted to know when the summer really got into full swing, when do I need to check methods?

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)
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Oh! And I also made a refresher spray! And I'm not a re-wetter of hair! My hair hates when I re-wet it. But I wanted to try a honey spray. So I got 8oz of water, a squirt of honey (another scientific method going here! hehe), and 1/8t of epsom salt. It still frizzes, but not the way it used to. It also makes my second day hair much curlier! The major downside is that it doesn't leave my hair very soft. it somehow has a crunch I can't get rid of.

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)
pw: curls

Known HGs: KCCC, homemade fsg, honey

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