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how do i make my hair not poofy without having to put a lot of gel in it? i do not like the way gel makes my hair feel. are there any other ways to fix this?
how do i make my hair not poofy without having to put a lot of gel in it? i do not like the way gel makes my hair feel. are there any other ways to fix this?
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actually before i asked how to get more volume so i'm assuming that its just the opposite lol...if you try putting product on your roots and just more product that will weigh down your hair...hope this helps
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Have you tried scrunching out the crunch?? My hair starts out crunchy but after I scrunch I'm left w/ soft, defined ringlets.
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Scrunching out the crunch always works for me too. Maybe a curl cream with a light hold like Re:coil or KCCC.
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There are a lot of other products you can use to get definition other than gel, although for most curlies, gel works best.

KCCC might be a good option for you. It has some hold (enough for some curlies to not need anything else).

Also, Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils make a great alternative to gelling your hair. They make your hair look and feel very natural. But ... they contain magnesium sulfate, which some heads do not like. But see if you can get a sample of it or buy it cheap on the swap boards -- that way, you don't have to invest in something that may not work for you.
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