Animal Products

Besides MegaTek and the original Mane and Tail, do you use any other animal products on your hair?
When Paul Mitchell Pet came out I tried a spray conditioner. That's all I remember.
Hmmm...That reminds me of when I recently looked at the products in a hair salon. I actually saw a pet products made by the same company that made hair products for humans. I can't remember the name, but that was the first time I'd seen something like that.

I was reading a post a while back (3 years, I believe) about a lady, with waist length hair, who claims that she owes her length to a cat conditioner. She said it reduced the breakage and made her hair stronger. I wish I could remember the link--I read so many!
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I accidentally used my dog's shampoo a few months ago and my hair was very happy! It was smooth and soft and didn't feel ruff.

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