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Does CK Strip Haircolor?

Those of you that LOVE CK, do you color your hair? I'm still trying to figure out if CK works for me, but the few times I've used it I've noticed grey hairs showing thru more quickly. I'm not sure if CK is the culprit or not? I really want to like this stuff. I know alot of you are not using it yet because of humidity. From what I remember from prior uses it gives great curls just alot of halo frizz. I may try again tomorrow?
My Mom colors her hair red and uses CK all the time. She has not had any issues with stripping of her color. I personally dont think it would because of the mild ingredients it contains but I guess you never know how some ones hair is going to react to a particular product.
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I think it depends on what color you dye your hair and how you react to the glycerin in the product. I don't dye my hair, so I can't comment from personal experience, but I believe RCC finds that all glycerin strips her red color, so she avoids it. Based on CurlyBrunette's post above, YMMV.
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My hair is quite dark. I do a combination of highlights and lowlights. I've had no issues with CK and I use it year round. I'm told glycerin will lighten my hair but haven't seen and been using CK almost 2 years.
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If I use CK within a few days of coloring, my grays fade/release the color. I guess the color has to finish "curing". But after day 4-5, I use CK with abandon.

Oh, and if I just touch up my roots, I can use CK on the length with no problem and I just avoid my crown area so it won't run down to the recently dyed zone.
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Thanks! I chickened out didn't use it today. But everything said makes sense. I'll give it another try soon...

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