Any suggestions as to what to do while growing out bangs?

I used to be a chronic straightener with "sweepy" bangs. Now they are a giant curly poof on the side of my head.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Shellynot has a pic of sideswept curly bangs on her blog here. Maybe this can help
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Very cute!

So far I've been clipping them back, but it makes me look/feel like I'm 12 again!

Great blog!
I'm not sure about your length, but I'm trying to grow out very short forehead "fringy" bangs (whoooah mistake!) When I scrunch in my product after washing, I take a teeeeeeeny tiny bit of gel between my first two fingers and I attempt to clump the bangs together with a few of the longer pieces, twisting a bit and then pushing it out of my face. This usually helps -- sometimes the little pieces pop out and they're a little whispy and cute, but sometimes they stick out oddly so I just twist them (dry) and pin them back with a bobby pin, or I have a headband day.

Here's an example of my bang curls just sort of hanging out. They're a little annoying but generally don't look awful.

(Please ignore the dorky-ness of this picture)

Hope this helps

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You have very nice curls, and I love your bangs!

Dorkiness--welcome to my world.

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