Growing out butchered haircut...

I went for a hair consult and was told by the stylist that my hair was horribly texurized and half of it is gone and it could take more than six months to grow out and look good. Needless to say, I am pretty bummed. Should it really take that long to grow out??? The lengther is a little past my shoulders so maybe if I go shorter at some point it could speed up the growing out phase??? The top is really short--- it has millions of layers so this could take a while!
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I've had stylists critique the work of the "previous" stylist pretty brutally; bear in mind that she's just giving you an "opinion."

Cutting it won't make it grow faster, but it could remove some of the layers.

Do you think it looks as bad as the stylist seems to believe? If not, perhaps you could seek a second opinion elsewhere?
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Thanks Ninja that's a good idea.
Originally Posted by hipchick
Yeah...I'm a veteran of the disaster cut!'s probably nowhere near as bad as the stylist said.

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