Worst E-mail Ever! From Salon...

I received this from a salon that I used to get my hair colored at before I went CG...

Is your hair ready for the summer?

Beat the heat and humidity!

Curly unruly hair?

Straighten out your life by getting your curls under control.
Get the smooth silky shiny hair you always wanted.

Certified in Mizani Relaxers
I offer several types of relaxers for all hair textures including ethnic
hair types

Come to --------- Salon And Spa for your free consultation to find what
relaxer is your best choice for you.

See You Soon --------- Salon And Spa

Call Brandi Today for your Appiontment, Walk Ins Always Welcome!


I've tried to dash out information because they are a great salon for straight hair but I was SO incredibly saddened when I got this email. Apparently curly hair has to be unruly? How about curly, beautiful hair? Come in for a cut. Anyways, that was just one way to start my morning!
Ouch. The "straighten out your life" bit was unnecessary.
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Wow. That's kind of a bummer. How about "learn to love your curls"? It's sad that they offer straightening as the only option for your unruly curls!
Just for fun, why don't you send THEM an email glorifying the beauty of natural curls. Like, just the opposite of what they're saying, with positives for curly hair. I bet that would make then wonder...LOL
At least that's what i would do, but that's just me.
Apparently fighting your hair is easier than living with it. One day, all of the women who fall for those ads will have fried, frizzy, dry hair and be COMPLETELY miserable. Embrace your curl!
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I have more pictures up!
Seattle for the Summer
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